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Fireside Girls emblem
Melissa in her first appearance.
Gender: Female
Age: About the same as Suzy
Height: Slightly shorter than Suzy
Nationality: American
Hometown: Danville
Professional Information
  Student (on vacation)
Lil' Spark
  Lil' Sparks
Friends and Family
Isabella Garcia-Shapiro
Behind the Scenes
First Appearance:
  "We Call it Maze"
Last Appearance:
  "Happy Birthday, Isabella"
Voiced by:
Meira Blinkoff

"Isabella is my mentor for today, she's the best Fireside Girl ever."
— Melissa remarking Isabella[source]

Melissa is a young member of the Lil' Sparks, a junior version of the Fireside Girls.

Physical Appearance

Melissa has blond hair with pig-tails, light blue eyes and with freckles. She wears a red belt, pleats on her skirt and black shoes in her uniform. She doesn't wear a beret.

Background Information

  • She is likely named after Dan Povenmire's second daughter in much the same way that Isabella got her name.[1]
  • Due to her age, she's part of "Lil' Sparks" that trains young girls to become Fireside Girls.
  • It is possible that she was at the father-daughter competition as the scoreboard showed a girl named Melissa. ("I Was a Middle Aged Robot")
  • She became a fan of Candace after she earned fifty accomplishment patches in a day. However, she may not any longer admire Candace after finding out she didn't earn the patches by herself, even though she made the biggest part of the task. ("Fireside Girl Jamboree")
  • Like Milly, she wears black shoes.
  • She is about half as tall as Isabella, and about a quarter the height of Candace.
  • Before the French Fireside Girls appearance, she was the only irregular member besides Candace to have her name revealed.
  • She is the third Fireside Girl to have blonde hair, with Katie being the first and the Unknown Fireside Girl (blond) being the second.


  • One of the main protagonists in Milo Murphy's Law is named Melissa, which could be a possible reference to this character.
  • Her only major appearance is in "We Call it Maze".



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