Isabella and Lego Liker


Chat moderator
  • I live in Northern California
  • I was born on April 20
  • My occupation is being quiet
  • I am Male


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  • When you told me to delete my blog, I didn't take it very well and made a rude remark, thinking I had the right to do what I did. But after leaving that message I shouldn't have left, I thought about what I did and then I was going to sign out and pretend to be a Wikia Contributor and yell at myself for leaving that message, which is dishonest. I left the message under my name pretending to be someone else yelling at me, which I deserved.

    I deleted the blog and relocated it to my message wall. I thought blogs were places you could express yourself and even share artwork, but I guess it's not allowed on this wikia.

    I'll bet you think I'm a total jerk now and think I'm immature after the way I acted. I really screwed up. I don't want to be blocked and I hope I won't be but I don't deserve to be on this wikia. And I know others probably want me gone. I made a total idiot out of myself and disgraced other living creatures in this universe.

    I'll take whatever consequence I get. And I'm again sorry for disrespecting you.

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  • You have to talk sense into ImperfectXII on the Star Wikia! He blocked me there permanently as well, and I don't deserve it! I tried to stand up to him, but he accused me of "harassment", it's like I'm the bully! I need my dignity back, you have to help me! I only worked there for a year!

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