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This article is about the song. You may be looking for the real event.
"Mid Summer Harvest"
With Jeremiad
Song by Candace
Genre(s): Ballad
Candace chronology
Previous: "Zubada"
Current: "Mid Summer Harvest"
Next: "Awesome"

"Mid Summer Harvest" is a song sung by Candace/Candavere in "Excaliferb"


Candavere:: Oh yeah, getting some water, and Yack! ...
'Gonna have a great Midsummer Woad-Gathering Harvest Bonfire's Eve.(Sees Phineas) Good morrow, Phineas!
With Jeremiad.

Background information

  • This is one of Candace's shortest songs.
  • Second Candace counterpart that sings (the first is Can-tok in "Tri-Stone Area").


  • Keith Richard Horn
  • Robert Hughes
  • Danny Jacob

BMI Work #14856509


"The Way of the Platypus"
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"Questing Song"

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