Mindy Mimic Doll - Close-up

Mindy Mimic Doll

The Mindy Mimic Doll is a doll that copies what its owner says. Its first appearance was in "Mommy Can You Hear Me?," where it was given to Candace to help her feel better and is eventually used to try to bust Phineas and Ferb.


The doll has the usual doll-like design, along with blond hair, a blue headband, tan skin, white shirt, a blue skirt, a rounded nose, and black eyes. One of the only differences from an actual doll is the fact that it has a microphone for a mouth.

Background Information

  • When Candace says, "Boring" and, "Big whoop," the doll repeats her once. But when she says, "Mom, turn around," it repeats her without ending.
  • This is the first doll in the series that doesn't appear smiling. This could be necessary because if it were smiling, it would look disturbing to most viewers because the inside of the "mouth" is gray and checkered.