Moss is a small, soft plant that grows close together in clumps on the sides of trees and the forest floor of the Danville Woods. Certain varieties are known hallucinogens.

Orange moss

Touching the orange moss

Orange Moss on a tree next to Candace.

Orange moss is a harmless moss that resides in the woods far from Danville. Candace touched it and experienced the "wild hallucinations" that her grandfather, Clyde Flynn, warned her would happen. The hallucinations were not real, but were instead the result of the power of suggestion. Betty Jo Flynn later stated that her husband Clyde got it wrong and it was actually the blue moss that causes the hallucinations.

During the time where she was experiencing the false hallucinations, Candace saw Perry the Platypus on a mission as Agent P and interacted with him, but she did not believe it was real. Later, she also saw a talking zebra who refers to Candace as "Kevin".

After her "recovery" from exposure to the orange moss, she accidentally placed her hand in some blue moss inside her tent and then did experience a hallucination of seeing the talking zebra again. ("The Ballad of Badbeard").

Blue moss

Blue moss

Candace touching the blue moss.

Blue moss is a dangerous moss that causes wild hallucinations when it comes in contact with skin. Candace first touched orange moss and through the power of suggestion experienced what she thought were hallucinations. Later, after her "recovery" from exposure to the orange moss, she accidentally placed her hand in a patch of blue moss in her tent and immediately experienced a hallucination involving seeing a talking zebra again.

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