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New Year's Blast Off!
Menu - New Year's Blast Off!
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New Year's Blast Off! is a game on the Disney Channel website.

How to Play

The ship controls are as follows:

  • Up arrow - Boost
  • Down arrow - Engine off
  • Left arrow - Steer left
  • Right arrow - Steer right
  • Space bar - Blaster (Space Run level only)


  1. Ozone Layer Player - Make it half way to the Moon
  2. Coin Collector - Earn 1,000 in Coins in a flight
  3. Accident Prone - Hit 100 obstacles
  4. Speed Freak - Use Speed Gates 30 times
  5. Maximum Overdrive - Fully upgrade your spaceship
  6. Lunar Lander - Complete the Moon Run mission
  7. Blaster Master - Shoot 100 obstacles in Space
  8. Spaced Out - Spend 30 minutes in Space Run
  9. Space Ace - Earn a score of 10,000
  10. One in a Million - Earn a score of 1,000,000

Songs in game


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