Gender: Female
Age: Probably the same age as Candace.
Nationality: Australian
Hometown: Unknown
Born: Australia
Friends and Family
Unknown mother and father
Jeremy Johnson
Suzy Johnson
Behind the Scenes
First Appearance:
  "De Plane! De Plane!"
Voiced by:
Shae Brewster

Nicolette, played by Shae Brewster, is Jeremy Johnson's cousin with an Australian accent, who has the same swimsuit as Candace Flynn, and according to Candace, Nicolette "wears it better". When Candace and Stacy Hirano overheard her conversation with Jeremy, they thought she was a daredevil who was trying to get Jeremy's attention, though she really was just talking to him about a video game level she was stuck on. ("De Plane! De Plane!")

Physical Appearances

Nicolette has blonde, medium length hair that is a bit wavy. Her lips are pink and full. She has two bangs which she keeps to the sides of her face. She is tan and freckly. Her almond-shaped eyes stand out very much, most likely because of their light blue color that is similar to Jeremy's. She wears the same pink flowery bathing suit that Candace wore on the occasion, except Candace seems to think it looks better on Nicolette.


She appears to have slightly tomboyish interests, based on the fact that she is hooked on an adventurous video game. She very much likes the action of the game as she gets excited as she explains it to Jeremy. However, despite her quick-paced attraction, it is evident that she has a relatively laid back personality. When Candace makes her assumption and tries to show off to "win back" Jeremy. Nicolette attempted to gently correct Candace before being cut-off again.