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"Only Trying to Help"
Isabella and Candace looking out the back door while water streams down it.
Song by Candace and Isabella
Released: August 16, 2013
Venue: Candace's bedroom, the living room.
Genre(s): Ballad
Length: 1:38
Candace and Isabella chronology
Previous: "Isabella's Birthday Song" (Isabella)
"Gordian Knot" (Candace)
Current: "Only Trying to Help"
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Phineas and Ferb - Only Trying To Help01:45

Phineas and Ferb - Only Trying To Help

"Only Trying to Help" is a song from "Phineas and Ferb: Mission Marvel" performed by Isabella and Candace as both girls feel left out so trying to help the boys and heroes.


Isabella: Well, it's all about the boys
Playing with their macho toys
And they're making so much noise
I didn't really want to shout.

Candace: My presence felt like an intrusion,
Causing way too much confusion.
Now I've been sent into seclusion,
I've been banished and cast out.

Candace and Isabella: I'm not tryin' to place the blame,
But I feel it just the same.
That we could be, yes, we should be
In the game.

My spirit's feelin' daunted,
I'm not sure I'm all that wanted
Though I'm acting nonchalant it's clear
I'm starting to doubt myself

Don't want to sound too stoic.
I'm not feeling that heroic.
No matter what I do I blow it
And I'm only trying to help.

Only trying to help.
Only trying to help.

Candace: Only trying to help.
Only trying to help.
Only trying to help.
Only trying to help.

Isabella: I'm only trying to help.
I'm only trying to help out.
I'm only trying to help now.
I'm only...

Candace: Only trying to help.

Isabella: ...trying to help, Phineas.


Isabella and Candace upset
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Background Information

  • This is the first time two main characters harmonize on a duet.
  • This is also Candace and Isabella's first duet.
  • This is the only song in the entire special to show a character singing onscreen; the others were sung offscreen during montages.
  • The melody from the chorus ("My spirit's feelin' daunted, I'm not sure I'm all that wanted, though I'm acting nonchalant it's clear" / "Don't want to sound too stoic, I'm not feeling that heroic, no matter what I do I blow it") is similar to used on the verses "Yes we can dream it, do it, build it, make it, I know we can really take it to the limit before the sun goes down" and "I know at first it seemed implausible, but we accomplished the impossible, now there's something that I've gotta say out loud" from "Summer Belongs to You".


  • When they sing "I'm not feeling that heroic", Isabella's eyes are black instead of blue.

Production Information

  • Jeff "Swampy" Marsh posted photos and video of Alyson Stoner recording her harmonies for the song on June 21, 2012.[1][2]
    • If one looks in the first external link, they can see lyrics for "Extraordinary", so "Only Trying to Help" and "Extraordinary" were likely recorded in the same session.[1]
    • According to Swampy, Alyson Stoner ad libbed the end of the song.


BMI Work #16150459

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