A Featured Article (formerly Article of the Month and also known as Article of the Week) is an article that is slatted as being a great article, good enough to be slatted with a "FA" era tag and can be promoted on the Main Page. This is therefore treated with the up most respect. Vote for the next one on Forum:Featured Article voting.

How does an article become Featured?

  1. The article must have excellent prose, devoid of typos and bad grammar,
  2. It must cite its sources,
  3. It must be correctly named,
  4. It must follow all policies, such as naming, Manual of Style, and FAQ.

List of Featured Articles


April: Raging Bully
August 18: J.B.
August 25: Heinz Doofenshmirtz
September: Sherman
October: Isabella Garcia-Shapiro
November: Original Pitch
December: Phineas Flynn


January: Danville
February: I, Brobot
March: Flynn-Fletcher house
April: The Agency
May: Suzy Johnson
June: Chez Platypus


September: Sherman



December: Dan Povenmire


January: Rollercoaster


March: Badbeard


September: Live at the Squat and Stitch

2011 & 2012

April 2011: Princess Baldegunde
May 2012: Phineas and Ferb Summer Belongs to You!


January: Isabella and the Temple of Sap
May: Isabella Garcia-Shapiro
July: Isabella and Phineas's relationship
August: Ferb Fletcher
September: Candace Flynn
October: Perry the Platy-Bus
December: Summer Belongs to You (song)


March: Candace and Jeremy's relationship
September: Organization Without a Cool Acronym

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