April 2013 issue

The 16th Phineas and Ferb magazine to come out, was released on April 2013.

CONTENTS COMICS: Contained Behind the scenes with Evil Carl and Monogram,  Curses,  A moment with Buford and Baljeet,  Stop Digging,  Universal remote

FUN AND GAMES: Who's Who in Danville,  Daily Danville,  Ask Dan and Swampy,  Head scratches from Druseltein,  All About: Agent P's Fedora,  You Write it,  Awkward moments with Candace,  Forever Ferb,  Quiz: Foiled Schemes,  Get Involved Contest Winners/Coming up,  Spot it: Jump for joy

POSTERS AND CUTOUTS: Make your own Bookmarks,  OWCA Agent Field guide,  The many faces of Perry the Platypus poster,  Ferb Poster,  Fireside Girls handbook: Water sprite patch,  Mix and Mingle card game

TRIVIA AND GOOFS: The Ask Dan and Swampy Magazine has yet to be released. and In the Who's in Danville section, the characters are ice cream flavors, Phineas is Summer wonder, Ferb is Construction cone, Perry is P-nut parfait, etc