PnF August and September 2013 is a special Misson marvel issue.


COMICS: A new friend, Secrets from OWCA, The further Adventures of Doof n Puss, Dennis strikes back, A moment with Buford and Baljeet

FUN/GAMES: Daily Danville, The Marvel Mission, Backward Trivia inator, Yes, Yes I am the Game, Make your own comics, All about Agent P's lair, Puzzles of good n Evil, Get involved, Spot it: Totally busted, Contest winners/Coming up

POSTERS/CUTOUTS: Fireside girls: Sewer patch, Body building, Mission Marvel poster, Dr. Doof's Poster

The Marvel Mission (Inside this issue)

PnF mag: How did the idea come about to combine Marvel super heros with PnF?

Dan: Were not entirley sure where it originated. Somebody said "we should do a crossover with Pnf"

Swampy: We didnt take much prompting to say yes to that.

PnF Mag:How did you come up with the plot?

Swampy: You want to do something that stays in character for the Marvel super heros, even though theyre coming to our worl. trying to create humor without violating the characters is tough.

PnF mag: Do you think being around real villians has any effect on Doof, maybe expands his goals beyond the tri state area?

Swampy: No, he remains just as small thinking and petty and poor planning

Dan: He's got all these villains coming to him because they think hes a super super villian because he somehow drained the power from the Heros, but they quickly realize that he's just an idiot.

Swampy: they were rather duped.

Dan: he takes the guys around and they do a lot of petty nuisances, they toilet paper a house. Theyre all like " Lets just play along until they figure out how he did this, and then we'll you it to our advantage." Theyre going out jay walking with him. Ding dong ditching, you can tell their just seething, ready to smash him for it.

PnF Mag: And a Running joke is that Doof cant understand red skulls accent?

Dan: Actually, that came out of me listening to the track. The actor does it with a really thick accent, and there was a line where I could not figure out what he was trying to say. so I had Doof say " What is that, is that latin?" and at one point he tells red skull " You should see a speech pathologist or a dialect coach"

Well thats All I'm going to type, to see the rest of the interview, read it in the bonus comic on the dvd or get this magazine.

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