PnF Magazine January2013

Phineas and Ferb Issue #15, January 2013


Comics: Best Summer Ever, Too soon, Night of the Goozim, Comic book musical, Works every time

Fun and Games: Daily Danville, Spot it Fun house, The Quest for Excaliferb, OWCA spy gear phake out quiz, Awkward moments with Candace puzzle, Phineas Forever, SIMP (Squirrels in my puzzles!), Reader poll, Contest: Find the Squirrels, Get involved

Trivia and Goofs:

In the Who's who in Danville section, everyone is portrayed as fireside girl patches.

The Quest for Excaliferb is a Board game you can play

The Fireside Girls patch this issue is Operate a Blimp patch

In the OWCA agent field guide there is info on Agent E and Agent Crocodile

in the Night of the Goozim comic, the Perry doll Doof practices with in the movie is seen.

The Beak returns in Comic book Musical comic.

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