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Phineas and ferb magazine 1 1-2

Phineas and Ferb magazine July/August 2011 is the third official issue of the magazine.


  • "Who's Who in Danville"
  • Fireside Girls Handbook "Pit Crew" patch
  • Daily Danville
  • "Creative Construction" design a Phineas and Ferb contraption
  • Comic: "The Squids are All Right"
  • "Instant Evil Henchman"
  • Advertisement: "The Incinerator-Inator!"
  • "The Differences are Busted" Spot the Diff
  • "Make Your Own Comics"
  • "Phineas All Around"
  • Double-sided poster, "Awakward" scene from "It's About Time!" with Perry the Platypus meeting Peter the Panda, and Candace "You're So Busted"
  • Comic: "Go West Young Ferb"
  • "Dash Through Danville" board game
  • Comic: "Secrets from OWCA: Organization Without a Cool Acronym"
  • OWCA Agent Field Guide, Agent D and Agent C
  • "Ferb Forever"
  • Quiz: "The Doofenfiles" quiz on Dr. Doofenshmirtz
  • Comic: "Last Episode"
  • "You Finish It" word fill-in

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