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May and June's mag was released in may Its the 17th magazine



May/June 2013

COMICS: Evil Spin-offs!, Rain Rain Go Away, Attack of the killer Pizza, Dance Dance dance!

POSTERS/CUTOUTS: Find the Super secret picture, Fireside Girls: Race patch, PnF's Ultimate Racecar, PNF Family and Friends poster, Agent P poster

FUN/GAMES: Daily Danville, Voice behind Buford, The truth about Buford, How can I run as fast as a cheetah, Draw it! Candace Flynn, Disappearing acts, Make your own comics, Super fast puzzles, Get involved!, Reader poll, Contest Winners/Coming up, Spot it Snack time

Trivia and Goofs

There is an ad for Skylanders in this issue

The Voice behind Buford Questions:

P n F mag: Do you hvae fav Buford moments from the show?

Bobby: I Like the episode where Bufird has a pet goldfish- you get to see the tender side of Buford. he loses his goldfish and goes on quite and emotinonal rollercoaster.

PnF mag: How did you become the voice of Buford?

Bobby: I told one of the writers one day, "Oh, If I did Buford, I would do it like this" and I did Buford's voice, he recorded me on his laptop, and a week later I got the job. One of those happy accidents in life.

if you guys want to see the other questions, go and get the magazine, Im not typing all of them. I just chose my fav questions

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