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Nov-Dec 2012 PnF magazine

Phineas and Ferb Issue #13, November/December 2012



  • It's An Expression
  • Phineas and Ferb Spin-Offs
  • National Inventors' Day
  • Go Get Baljeet
  • Sir Buford

Cutouts & Posters

  • Fireside Girls Handbook: Sit-and-Stare Patch (by Thea Klapwald) - Learn what it takes to earn this patch
  • Agent P's Fold-and-Fly Trick Glider (by Rob Tokar) - Follow the instructions to build Agent P's glider
  • It Makes No Sense! Poster - Poster featuring Dr. Doofenshmirtz from various episodes
  • Carl Karl Poster - Poster featuring Carl with the quote Sorry, Sir!
  • Vist The 2nd Dimension! - Fold the paper to see either the 2nd or 1st Dimension
  • Sit-and-Stare Patch
  • Danville Squares 1
  • Danville Squares 2
  • Agent P's Fold-and-Fly Trick Glider Instructions
  • Agent P's Fold-and-Fly Trick Glider 1
  • Agent P's Fold-and-Fly Trick Glider 2
  • Doofenshmirtz Poster 1
  • Doofenshmirtz Poster 2
  • Carl Poster 1
  • Carl Poster 2
  • Visit the 2nd Dimension 1
  • Visit the 2nd Dimension 2

Fun & Games

  • Who's Who In Danville - Find out what the app of your favorite character is
  • Daily Danville
  • Draw It!: Ferb Fletcher - Learn how to draw Ferb step by step
  • Dan & Swampy Talk To You! - Dan and Swampy answer your questions
  • Quiz: The Power of Observation (by Rachel Bozek) - Look at a picture from Phineas and Ferb Interrupted and then test your knowledge of what you remember by taking the quiz
  • Danville Squares - Complete these sudoku-like puzzle featuring Phineas, Ferb, Isabella, Candace and Perry
  • How Can I Wrestle An Alligator? (by Candace Flynn (as told to Rachel Bozek)) - Learn from Candace how to wrestle an alligator
  • Quiz: What's Your Deam Job? (by Deb Barnes) - Take this quiz to find out what your dream job would be in Danville
  • Danville Top 10... of Evil! (by Rob Tokar) - Match the evilerdoer to the evil deed
  • Get Involved! - Relase from to send in your questions, drawings, etc,
  • Spot It!: Double The Bust! (by Candace Flynn and Rachel Bozek) - Spot the differences in the pictures of Phineas, Ferb and Candace from Out of Toon
  • Extreme Close-Up - Try to guess which character belong to which foot
  • Danville Squares 1
  • Danville Squares 2

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