October 2013 issue of PnF mag


Fun and Games: Daily Danville, Draw Doof, Monster meeting, name that monster, Power up, What would Buford do, Do the monster match, puzzles in the 2nd dimension, look closer, reader poll, contest winner/coming up

Comics: Behind the scenes with Carl and Monogram, Obscure patches of Fireside girls, Tales of Druelstein, Operation lockdown, Doof to the rescue

Posters and more: The return of Phineas and Ferbingo, OWCA field guide, Group poster, Isabella poster, The Advice inator

Trivia and Goofs

in Who's who in danville, everyone is portrayed on a Game board.

There was supposed to be another magazine on October 29th with Dan and Swampy awnsering fan questions, Career quiz and more, but it has yet to come out for Unknown reasons.

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