This magazine is a double issue.


Fun & Games

Pg 2 Holiday snack hunt

Pg 4 Who's who in Danvile?

Pg 6 Wish you were here!

Pg 8 Daily Danvile

Pg 18 Make your own comic

pg 27 Memory matchup

pg 50 Do the monster match!

Pg 54 Puzzled in the Tri-State area

Pg 72 Agent ?

Pg 76 Spot it: The great outdoors!

Pg 84 What do it do?

Pg 95 Get Involved!

Pg 96 How did we do?


Pg 13 Monkey see monkey Doof

Pg 32 The substitute

Pg 34 Phineas and Ferb in the 3rd Dimension

Pg 45 Sick Bed

Pg 56 A moment with Buford and Baljeet

Pg 58 Secrets from the OWCA

Pg 63 Time out

Pg 66 Perry the... octopus?

Pg 68 Agent in training

Pg 75 Behind the scenes with Carl and Monogram

Pg 78 Cake daze

Pg 83 The comic Hijinks of Norm and Doof

Pg 87 Sunny Disposition

Cutouts and Posters

Pg 10 Phineas poster

Pg 11 Enter... if you dare!

Pg 17 Ferb poster

Pg 26 Agent P poster

Pg 31 Candace poster

Pg 42 Isabella poster

Pg 43 Wacky Holiday calendars

Pg 49 Dr. Doofenshmirtz poster

Pg 52 The Label-Inator!

Pg 57 Baljeet poster

Pg 59 Best finger puppet theater ever!

Pg 64 The complete Firside Girl handbook... So far

Pg 67 Perry poster

Pg 74 Major Monogram and Carl poster

Pg 77 Buford poster

Pg 82 Norm poster

Pg 86 Mom and Dad poster


Activites and Cutouts

  • Memory Matchup Front 1
  • Memory Matchup Back 1
  • Memory Matchup Front 2
  • Memory Matchup Back 2
  • Finger Puppet Theater Stage
  • Finger Puppet Theater 1
  • Finger Puppet Theater 2
  • December Calendar
  • January Calendar
  • Label-Inator Holiday Edition 1
  • Label-Inator Holiday Edition 2
  • Doofenshmirtz Door Hanger 1
  • Doofenshmirtz Door Hanger 2

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