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Candace and Jeremy's relationship
Candace and Jeremy walking in the park

She's a high-strung bundle of neuroses with an over-protective streak. He's more laid-back, a musician and dedicated employee of the Mr. Slushy franchise.

Candace Flynn and Jeremy Johnson show that opposites do attract and they recently made being a couple official. (Read more...)

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"(After tree-suit is unzipped) I'm free!... and I'm in my underwear..."
— Jeremy[source]

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From Phineas and Ferb Wiki's latest articles.

  • ...that Perry the Platypus was inspired by Dan Povenmire's pet cat, Sprocket?
  • ...that Django and Jenny were named after Jeff "Swampy" Marsh's children?

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Cast and Crew Birthdays

Carlos Alazraqui (Bobbi Fabulous, Morg) July 20
Sandra Oh (Doofenshmirtz's Internet date) July 20
Madison Pettis (Adyson) July 22
Anna Paquin (Kristen) July 24
Monica Raymund (Mailwoman) July 26
Kaz (writer, storyboard artist) July 31
Cymphonique Miller (Holly Seasons 1-2) Aug. 1
Alyson Stoner (Isabella Garcia-Shapiro/ Jenny Brown) Aug. 11
Jane Carr (Winifred Fletcher) Aug. 13
Billy Gardell (Mayor Chickenen) Aug. 20
Billy Ray Cyrus (Buck Buckerson) Aug. 25
Jen Kirkman (writer) Aug. 28
Dee Bradley Baker (Perry the Platypus, Dr. Diminutive) Aug. 31
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Community member birthdays

NASCARfan0001 July 17
FadhilPF July 19
Fan85247528 July 23
MiscellaneousSoup July 23
The Klimpaloon July 24
Planty July 25
Ott10 July 27
hsl_courage July 29
Snail in a Fedora July 31
Beemerboyz803 Aug. 3
Jopalopa Aug. 4
Raz1515 Aug. 8
Firesidegirlannabeth12 Aug. 9
Perryfan825 Aug. 17
Luvmy18 Aug. 18
Syafiqbiul Aug. 18
Charleen198 Aug. 19
Firesideboy Aug. 20
T.J. Detweiler Aug. 21
BlazeChance1 Aug. 26
Eulgy Aug. 26
Patrickau 26 Aug. 26
Dr. Nygma 1048 Aug. 27
Lt. Lunar Wolf Aug. 27
Jasonbres Aug. 28
Gerbor Aug. 30

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