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Organization Without a Cool Acronym
OWCA Agents 2

The Organization Without a Cool Acronym, also known as The Agency, is a government agency whose mission seems to be to stop evil scientists from carrying out their diabolical plans. While the leadership is human, all of the Agency's agents are animals, with two exceptions: Norm, who was fired shortly after entering, and Planty the Potted Plant. Heinz Doofenshmirtz was also briefly hired, and fired the same day. (Read more...)

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"Huh, you're right, Ferb. One proton torpedo in that small exhaust port and the whole thing goes blammo!"
"It's like it's got a self-destruct button. What kind of idiot would design that?
— Phineas and Blatto[source]

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Did You Know...?

From Phineas and Ferb Wiki's latest articles.

  • ...that during production of the episode "Elementary My Dear Stacy," Dan Povenmire developed a cold and wasn't able to voice Doofenshmirtz until after he got better?
  • ..."Phineas and Ferb: Star Wars" was announced at San Diego Comic Con 2013, and premiered during the weekend of Comic Con 2014?

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Cast and Crew Birthdays

Mackenzie Phillips (TBA) Nov. 10
Steve Zahn (Sherman) Nov. 13
Allison Janney (Charlene Doofenshmirtz) Nov. 19
Ming-Na (Dr. Hirano, Teenage Ginger) Nov. 20
Goldie Hawn (Peggy McGee) Nov. 21
John Larroquette (Bob Webber) Nov. 25
Jon Stewart (Mittington Random) Nov. 28
Ben Stiller (Khaka Peü Peü) Nov. 30
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Community member birthdays

Fransds Oct. 30
SiezeTheDay Oct. 30
Buunak Peabody Nov. 1
Dantheman007a Nov. 1
FerbFlecher151 Nov. 3
Matt11111 Nov. 3
RRabbit42 Nov. 4
Vcawarrior15 Nov. 4
Bongo9911 Nov. 5
The GTA Nerd Nov. 5
PhineasandFerbfan828 Nov. 6
Voldyroks Nov. 12
VanessaDoof Nov. 13
Nutter Butter Nov. 18
Paniapc Nov. 24
Jackishere Nov. 26
Tvwatcherpf2694 Nov. 26
ILovePerryMoarThanU1337 Nov. 27
Isabella-Liker Nov. 27
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Jpablo95 Nov. 30
NathanRCorp Nov. 30

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