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The Official Phineas and Ferb Wiki Newsletter: December 2011 bonus issue
News and information from the world of Phineas and Ferb.

New artists: individual pictures

Links to an artist's gallery will be to either their Phineas and Ferb artwork or to their main gallery.

Resplendent Simplicity, by Alycia96
"Resplendent Simplicity"
by Alycia96
Artist's gallery
I Love You, Ducky Momo, by digitalstitch626
"I Love You, Ducky Momo"
by digitalstitch626
Artist's gallery
Perry The Platypus, by CaptainPan
"Perry The Platypus"
by CaptainPan
Artist's gallery
Bless You, Perry the Platypus, by AnimatEd
"Bless You, Perry the Platypus"
by AnimatEd
Artist's gallery
Derpy Too Wants a Pet, by CawinEMD
"Derpy Too Wants a Pet"
by CawinEMD
Artist's gallery
Kim Possible in ET, by FitzOblong
"Kim Possible in ET"
by FitzOblong
Artist's gallery
BUSTED, by IchibanFaith
by IchibanFaith
Artist's gallery

Perry the Platypus Plushie, by VampireMistressKayla
"Perry the Platypus Plushie"
by VampireMistressKayla
Artist's gallery

There's one Six Letter Word..., by Pirate-Hunter446
"There's one Six Letter Word..."
by Pirate-Hunter446
Artist's gallery
Sailor Candace, by The---Puppetmaster
"Sailor Candace"
by The---Puppetmaster
Artist's gallery — created via this site

Phineas and Ferb - Sketchinator, by ToUseBothSyllables
"Phineas and Ferb: Sketchinator"
by ToUseBothSyllables
Artist's gallery

Word Search

Season 2's Big Ideas

(Answers provided in next issue)

Word search Dec 2011
Aglets Airplane Atlantis Aquarium
Baloon Baseballs Bubble Car wash
Cupcakes Dancing Dating Detectives
Elixer Floats Fort Gelatin
Ice sculpture Jukebox Kiddie rides Labyrinth
Max Modem Lemonade Niagara Falls Nosey
Platyposterior Quiz show Restaurant Rodeo
Rollercoaster Ship Spa The Beak
Time Travel Tops of Doom Translator Transporter
Treehouse Video game Village Water slide
  World trip Xray specs  

Printable PDF file

Word search and crossword puzzle created at

New artists: galleries

by 14manu96Artist's gallery of action, by 14manu96
" of action"
Phineas y Ferb detectives, by 14manu96
"Phineas y Ferb detectives"
Invierano, by 14manu96

by DarkSkull12Artist's gallery

Platypower in Da House Yo, by DarkSkull12
"Platypower in Da House Yo"
Phintasia, by DarkSkull12
Darkwing Phin, by DarkSkull12
"Darkwing Phin"

by ElectricLight101Artist's gallery

Animatin', by ElectricLight101
Buildings explode, by ElectricLight101
"Buildings explode"
Perry the Psyduck, by ElectricLight101
"Perry the Psyduck"

by ewi121Artist's gallery

Enthusiastic, by ewi121
Every day the same words, by ewi121
"Every day the same words"
Perry the Platypus, by ewi121
"Perry the Platypus"

by FerbluverArtist's gallery

Ferb Sketch - 02, by Ferbluver
"Ferb Sketch - 02"
Platypus birthday card, by Ferbluver
"Platypus birthday card"
WallE-PnF, by Ferbluver

by Flame-dragonArtist's gallery

Phineas Flynn Head Logo, by Flame-dragon
"Phineas Flynn Head Logo"
Phinabella Forever, by Flame-dragon
"Phinabella Forever"
Isabella Head Logo, by Flame-dragon
"Isabella Head Logo"

by heyLucky1155Artist's gallery

Candace Flynn, by heyLucky1155
"Candace Flynn"
Isabella caramelldansen, by heyLucky1155
"Isabella caramelldansen"
Vanessa Doofenshmirtz, by heyLucky1155
"Vanessa Doofenshmirtz"

by Illustrious-CrackpotArtist's gallery

And by PINK he means LIGHT RED, by Illustrious-Crackpot
"And by PINK he means LIGHT RED"
For Kittyhugger, by Illustrious-Crackpot
"For Kittyhugger"
Mistaken Identity, by Illustrious-Crackpot
"Mistaken Identity"

by IlovePhineasandFerbArtist's gallery

Candy and Alt Candy, by IlovePhineasandFerb
"Candy and Alt Candy"
Perry the Platypus, by IlovePhineasandFerb
"Perry the Platypus"
Candace and Suzie, by IlovePhineasandFerb
"Candace and Suzie"

by invasoraparanoicaArtist's gallery

Doofenshmirtz..., by invasoraparanoica
Again for the good times, by invasoraparanoica
"Again for the good times"
Sherman, by invasoraparanoica

by jaqe96Artist's gallery

Perry vs doof, by jaqe96
"perry vs doof"
Phineas sing, by jaqe96
"phineas sing"
Primer paseo entre amigos, by jaqe96
"primer paseo entre amigos"

by Linds-AArtist's gallery

Anime Isabella, by Linds-A
"Anime Isabella"
Dangeraffe And Dangerbil, by Linds-A
"Dangeraffe And Dangerbil"
Gretchen Sketches, by Linds-A
"Gretchen Sketches"

by Narufan97Artist's gallery

Phinbella-Rain, by Narufan97
Coop in Perry Costume, by Narufan97
"Coop in Perry Costume"
Isabella G-S.Snow, by Narufan97
"Isabella G-S.Snow"

by PerrythePlatypusGirlArtist's gallery

A brand new ice cream reality-TGATS contest, by PerrythePlatypusGirl
"A brand new ice cream reality"
Conga, by PerrythePlatypusGirl
Shopping trip, by PerrythePlatypusGirl
"Shopping trip"

by phinbella6116Artist's gallery

Phinbella - Nuestro primer invierno juntos, by phinbella6116
"Phinbella: Nuestro primer invierno juntos"
Isabella quedarse con Phineas, by phinbella6116
"Isabella quedarse con Phineas"
Phinbella- Serenata, by phinbella6116
"Phinbella- Serenata"

by pinksesithaArtist's gallery

In the rain..., by pinksesitha
"in the rain..."
Muchas gracias a tooodos, by pinksesitha
"Muchas gracias a tooodos"
PyF bebes, by pinksesitha
"PyF bebes"

by pjcb12Artist's gallery

Back to the Groovy Years, by pjcb12
"Back to the Groovy Years"
Candace, by pjcb12
Calling Mom..., by pjcb12
"Calling Mom..."

by RashuanuArtist's gallery

Candace in Wonderland, by Rashuanu
"Candace in Wonderland"
The Princess and the Platypus, by Rashuanu
"The Princess and the Platypus"
Kid Candace sketches1, by Rashuanu
"Kid Candace sketches1"

by RentorahArtist's gallery

Sleeping, by Rentorah
P+F, by Rentorah
Django, by Rentorah

by royalazurestoneArtist's gallery

P+F - Lulu Busting Jones, by royalazurestone
"Lulu Busting Jones"
Mother - Phineas and Ferb, by royalazurestone
Lawrence Fletcher, by royalazurestone
"Lawrence Fletcher"

by rwmeadArtist's gallery

Mo Ducky, Mo' Problems, by rwmead
"Mo Ducky, Mo' Problems"
Charmed, I'm sure, by rwmead
"Charmed, I'm Sure"
We Don't Need Another Hero, by rwmead
"We Don't Need Another Hero"

by sideshowbobfanaticArtist's gallery

Let's Skate, by sideshowbobfanatic
"Let's Skate"
Training Agent S, by sideshowbobfanatic
"Training Agent S"
You're Like a Son to Me, by sideshowbobfanatic
"You're Like a Son to Me"

by SydzillaArtist's gallery

Phinbella pic
"Phinbella pic"
Paper badges
"Paper badges"
P & F doodles pt1
"P & F doodles pt1"

by UOTSdAArtist's gallery

Bust the brothers triplets, by UOTSdA
"Bust the brothers triplets"
Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays, by UOTSdA
"Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays"
Stay on the yellow sidewalk, by UOTSdA
"Stay on the yellow sidewalk"

by xaykocysArtist's gallery

At the Fireside, by xaykocys
"At the Fireside"
Jenny, by xaykocys
What We're Doing Today, by xaykocys
"What We're Doing Today"

by XxYamiYugi4everxXArtist's gallery

Conscience, by XxYamiYugi4everxX
Forever Seizing the Day, by XxYamiYugi4everxX
"Forever Seizing the Day"
Sing Along, by XxYamiYugi4everxX
"Sing Along"

Crossword puzzle

Season 1 songs

Song titles from Season 1 episodes. Use the full title (except as noted), but leave out any spaces and punctuation.

(Answers provided in next issue)

Crossword Dec 2011
2. Candace feels unnoticed (3 words)
4. New national anthemn (2 words)
5. A wonderful animosity (2 words)
7. Sung by a cowboy (3 words)
12. Bustin' chillin' moves (3 words)
14. Stacy's first solo (2 words)
20. Jeremy's punk rock phase (1 word)
21. Don't have a conniption (3 words)
23. It brings us together (4 words)
24. Has an artificial hip (3 words)
27. Meaningless lyrics (1 word)
29. Was known as "Destroyed Dreams" (1 word)
31. A battle of the genders (2 words, hypenated)
32. Lawrence's favorite kids show (2 words)
33. What's with all the colors? (3 words)
34. Candace sings along with herself (4 words)
35. Named after himself (1 word)
36. The OWCA's agents (4 words)
1. The wet ski's running (2 words)
3. Whom Heinz despises (5 words)
6. Often abbreviated and sung to Swampy (4 words)
8. Describes Buford (3 words)
9. Spread evil in the little things (3 words)
10. Buford's love theme (4 words)
11. A real nice hook (3 words)
13. Lunchtime's fun (3 words)
15. It will do you some good (3 words)
16. Sung by a pit crew (3 words)
17. The must-have toy (2 words)
18. Ancient Greek race (2 words)
19. Driving lesson (3 words)
22. Traveling music for a sub (3 words)
25. Clothing line theme (2 words)
26. Theme for a sporting event (3 words)
29. Wrote the words on a whiteboard (2 words)
30. Teen duet (1 word)
Printable PDF file

Returning artists: individual pictures

Links to the Artist's gallery will take you to the picture shown, and from there you can go to their gallery.

Dr. Doofenshmirtz Disney Style, by AllHailWeegee
"Dr. Doofenshmirtz Disney Style"
by AllHailWeegee
Artist's gallery
Perry Beanie with Earflaps, by clarindadotson
"Perry Beanie with Earflaps"
by clarindadotson
Artist's gallery
Candace, by CONEJOTO
Artist's gallery
Ferb Reading a Book, by kimworld
"Ferb Reading a Book"
by kimworld
Artist's gallery
It looks good on me, by Melgeef
"It looks good on me"
by Melgeef
Artist's gallery
PSAAIOTFMEPC-Inator, by lil-lunar-dreamer
by lil-lunar-dreamer
Artist's gallery
Perry the Platypus, by lil-kitty-chan
"Perry the Platypus"
by lil-kitty-chan
Artist's gallery

Smile, by Rudohiko
by Rudohiko
Artist's gallery

Phineas and Ferb, by Not-Quite-Normal
"Phineas and Ferb"
by Not-Quite-Normal
Artist's gallery
Perry vs. Perry, by white-rabbit11
"Perry vs. Perry"
by white-rabbit11
Artist's gallery

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Fanon Wordmark

Returning artists: galleries

by aroojbasitArtist's gallery
Isabella anime, by aroojbasit
"Isabella anime"
My Beloved Phinny doll, by aroojbasit
"My Beloved Phinny doll"
Random PnF, by aroojbasit
"Random PnF"

by Bowselle97Artist's gallery

SuperBestFriends, by Bowselle97
Phineas and Perry, by Bowselle97
"Phineas and Perry"
Phinbella Babies, by Bowselle97
"Phinbella Babies"

by CatulaArtist's gallery"Coloring Pages" gallery

Aliens Ate My Buick, by Catula
"Aliens Ate My Buick"
Isabelly, by Catula
Peer Pressure - Page 16, by Catula
"Peer Pressure - Page 16"

by Cece-luvfopArtist's gallery

Draw this again meme- PnF, by Cece-luvfop
"Draw this again meme"
Candace + Perry, by Cece-luvfop
"Candace + Perry"
Super duper cute, by Cece-luvfop
"super duper cute"

by DBluverArtist's gallery

Bunny love, by DBluver
"Bunny love"
PnF Youtube Background, by DBluver
"PnF Youtube Background"
Perry Journal skin, by DBluver
"Perry Journal skin"

by DiovosArtist's gallery

"Buford - Lion-Tiger-Bear"
"Captain Ferb"
"Phineas Noir"

by DragonMewArtist's gallery

Phinbella, by DragonMew
Candace n Jeremy, by DragonMew
"Candace n Jeremy"
Summer days, by DragonMew
"Summer days"

by dsguy411Artist's gallery

Eliza Fletcher, by dsguy411
"Eliza Fletcher"
Platybear, by dsguy411
Play Ball, by dsguy411
"Play Ball"

by Eli-the-hedgehogArtist's gallery

Flynn-Fletcher Ying Yang PC, by Eli-the-hedgehog
"Flynn-Fletcher Ying Yang"
FFPnFC Second Place request, by Eli-the-hedgehog
"FFPnFC Second Place request"
Stacy Hirano, by Eli-the-hedgehog
"Stacy Hirano"

by EllenMarieCurieArtist's gallery

Ferb Fletcher, by EllenMarieCurie
"Ferb Fletcher"
Selena Flynn and Demi Fletcher, by EllenMarieCurie
"Selena Flynn and Demi Fletcher"
Thomas Sangster, by EllenMarieCurie
"Thomas Sangster"

by FossilsDaDaDaArtist's gallery

P n' F Mythbusters, by FossilsDaDaDa
"P n' F Mythbusters"
Alt. Candy Realistic, by FossilsDaDaDa
"Alt. Candy Realistic"
MM as Gandalf, by FossilsDaDaDa
"MM as Gandalf"

by Honeysucle10Artist's gallery

Happy Birthday Dan, by Honeysucle10
"Happy Birthday Dan"
Perry, by Honeysucle10
Peter the Panda, by Honeysucle10
"Peter the Panda"

by isuzu9Artist's gallery

Candace flynn, by isuzu9
"candace flynn"
Kindergarten, by isuzu9
Little Phineas, by isuzu9
"Little Phineas"

by JaviDLuffyArtist's gallery

FOP Style - Perry the platypus and Agent P, by JaviDLuffy
"FOP Style - Perry the platypus and Agent P"

Where in the world..., by JaviDLuffy
"Where in the world..."

PnF Style - Dr. Horrible, by JaviDLuffy
"PnF Style - Dr. Horrible"

by jojorules911Artist's gallery

2nd dimension isabella, by jojorules911
"2nd dimension isabella"
Meap, by jojorules911
Stacey again, by jojorules911
"Stacey again"

by just-my-drawingsArtist's gallery

Phinbella, by just-my-drawings
Go on, by just-my-drawings
"Go on"
Oh, Hey, by just-my-drawings
"Oh, Hey"

by KatieLahArtist's gallery

Pinky, by KatieLah
Happy Formation, by KatieLah
"Happy Formation"
Agent P, by KatieLah
"Agent P"

by KicsterAshArtist's gallery

Peppermint Winter, by KicsterAsh
"Peppermint Winter"

Testing Friendship, by KicsterAsh
"Testing Friendship"

The Real World, by KicsterAsh
"The Real World"

by kiki-kitArtist's gallery

Blank Canvas entry -edit2-, by kiki-kit
"Blank Canvas entry -edit2-"
Perry the Platypus, by kiki-kit
"Perry the Platypus"
Platyborg Sketches, by kiki-kit
"Platyborg Sketches"

by KuzlalalaArtist's gallery

Cousins, by Kuzlalala
Candace Black and White, by Kuzlalala
"Candace Black and White"
Perry Sculpture, by Kuzlalala
"Perry Sculpture"

by LEXLOTHORArtist's gallery

Agent R Sketch Card, by LEXLOTHOR
"Agent R Sketch Card"
Blue Velvets Sketch Cards, by LEXLOTHOR
"Blue Velvets Sketch Cards"
Isabella Fireside Girl, by LEXLOTHOR
"Isabella Fireside Girl"

by LifourArtist's gallery

Baljeatles - Danville Rd., by Lifour
"Baljeatles - Danville Rd."
Enter the 2nd Dimension, by Lifour
"Enter the 2nd Dimension"
Mexican-Jewish Isabella, by Lifour
"Mexican-Jewish Isabella"

by LillyCrystalArtist's gallery

For The-Man-of-Tomorrow, by LillyCrystal
"For The-Man-of-Tomorrow"
Phineas and Ferb sketches, by LillyCrystal
"Phineas and Ferb sketches"
Vanessa Poster, by LillyCrystal
"Vanessa Poster"

by LoudNoisesArtist's gallery

Broadway Star Linda Flynn, by LoudNoises
"Broadway Star Linda Flynn"
Candance on the Phone - Colour, by LoudNoises
"Candance on the Phone - Colour"
Cheerleaders Isabella and Gretchen - Colour, by LoudNoises
"Cheerleaders Isabella and Gretchen - Colour"

by PentameroneArtist's gallery

Mrs Cou de Crayon, by Pentamerone
"Mrs Cou de Crayon"
GET ON THE TRIKE, by Pentamerone

P+F Doodles, by Pentamerone
"P+F Doodles"

by Pinky1babeArtist's gallery

Adyson Sweetwater Sketches, by Pinky1babe
"Adyson Sweetwater Sketches"
Doom, by Pinky1babe
Let it snow, by Pinky1babe
"Let it snow"

by PsychopulseArtist's profile page

Fireside girls in swimsuits by ced75-d36crcn
"Fireside girls in swimsuits"
"Fireside Girls Dance"
"Walking down the street"

by Sakura-HammyArtist's gallery

Danville Soccer Skedoodles, by Sakura-Hammy
"Danville Soccer Skedoodles"
Surfin' the... paint?, by Sakura-Hammy
"Surfin' the... paint?"
PnF Sketchy Mcolordoodles, by Sakura-Hammy
"PnF Sketchy Mcolordoodles"

by Sesshoumaru62Artist's gallery

Captains, by Sesshoumaru62
F for Ferb, by Sesshoumaru62
"F for Ferb"
CtU- Candace the Unicorn, by Sesshoumaru62
"CtU - Candace the Unicorn"

by SilverlegendsArtist's gallery

A Lady, by Silverlegends
"A Lady"
To Adventure, by Silverlegends
"To Adventure"

Candace Moon, by Silverlegends
"Candace Moon"

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