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The third annual Platypus Day celebration was held on Saturday, March 2.

Programming Schedule

All times Eastern/Pacific.

Disney XD 

8:00 AM Primal Perry (Premiere; repeated at 12:30 PM)
8:30 AM It's About Time!
9:00 AM Day of the Living Gelatin / Elementary My Dear Stacy
9:30 AM Rollercoaster: The Musical!
10:00 AM Perry The Actorpus / Bullseye!
10:30 AM Meapless in Seattle
11:00 AM Agent Doof / Minor Monogram
11:30 AM Where's Perry?
12:00 PM Where's Perry? (Part Two)

Disney Channel Brazil 

(GMT -03:00 / -02:00) 9:30 AM It's About Time!
10:00 AM Day of the Living Gelatin / Elementary My Dear Stacy
10:30 AM Oh, There You Are, Perry / Swiss Family Phineas
11:00 AM No More Bunny Business / Spa Day
11:30 AM Bubble Boys / Isabella and the Temple of Sap
12:00 PM Rollercoaster: The Musical!
12:30 PM Perry The Actorpus / Bullseye!
1:00 PM Agent Doof / Phineas and Ferb and the Temple of Juatchadoon
1:30 PM Meapless in Seattle
2:00 PM Where's Perry?
2:30 PM Where's Perry? (Part Two)
3:00 PM Primal Perry
3:30 PM La Candace-Cabra / Happy Birthday, Isabella
4:00 PM Thanks But No Thanks / Troy Story (Premiere)
4:30 PM Phineas and Ferb Hawaiian Vacation
5:00 PM The Lake Nose Monster / Hail Doofania!
5:30 PM The Lizard Whisperer / Robot Rodeo
6:00 PM Phineas and Ferb's Quantum Boogaloo
6:30 PM Split Personality / Brain Drain
7:00 PM Candace Disconnected / Magic Carpet Ride 
7:30 PM Sidetracked (Premiere)


  • Following the success of last year's Platypus Dance, all of O.W.C.A.'s agents did a version of the popular 1970's Village People hit Y.M.C.A. (with some help from their Disney Channel and Disney XD friends).  The single was released January 29th, and premiered February 1st on Radio Disney, along with videos on both Disney Channel and Disney XD.

Subway Kids' Meal bags.

  • Subway Restaurants gave away free meal bags - three with Perry, two with Phineas and Ferb and another with Doofenshmirtz - for their Kids Meal promotion.

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