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"Playing a Game of Sports"
Discovering Sports
Song by Aaron Daniel Jacob and Danny Jacob
Venue: Danville Park in the 2nd Dimension
Genre(s): 1920s Jazz
Aaron Jacob and Danny Jacob chronology
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"Flashing Back To Fashion Forward" (Danny Jacob)
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Phineas and Ferb - Sports01:17

Phineas and Ferb - Sports

"Playing a Game of Sports" is a song from the episode "Tales from the Resistance: Back to the 2nd Dimension".


Aaron Jacob: I've got my football helmet on
And an old cricket bat
Volleyball net
And some cycling slacks

Aaron and Danny Jacob: You've got a pair of figure skates
And a billiards rack
Dry suit, skort
And a baseball cap

We'll all have fun like mad
With the game we don't know
Danny Jacob: Game that we don't know
Aaron Jacob: It's one we've never played
Aaron and Danny Jacob: And this is how it goes...

Female Narrator: Once the gong is rung, the offensive team serves the pom-pom and advances down the field. The defending cyclists race past the tackling dummies and try to get into scoring position. If they manage to return the pom-pom into one of the scoring locations, they will be awarded a chance to chase the jumbo riding ball past the midfield skiing defender, while the other team tries to hit as many tennis balls as they can using golf clubs. I don't know why this guy has a canoe paddle.

Danny Jacob: Sports, sports
Aaron Jacob: Sports is fun
Danny Jacob: Sports, sports
Aaron Jacob: In the summer sun
Danny Jacob: Sports, sports
Aaron Jacob: All over town



BMI Work #19179685

Background Information

  • This is the second song to use a ukulele in the instrumentation, after "Happy Evil Love Song".
  • The song is from the perspective of Phineas-2 and the gang, but none of them actually sing it.

Production Information


"Lots of Me"
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