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"Regular Gum"
Song by Danny Jacob
Genre(s): Jingle
Danny Jacob chronology
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"Regular Gum" is a jingle in the Season 2 episode "Suddenly Suzy", it is sung by Danny Jacob after Buford denies to give Phineas "Tuff Gum" and he asks for "Regular Gum".


Phineas: You got any regular gum?
Danny Jacob: Regular gum!

Background Information

  • The jingle is heard instrumentally over all the TUFF SHOO LAYSIZZ ads in "Bully Bust" and "Lost in Danville".
  • The melody is used for the "Sith Roast " jingle in "Phineas and Ferb: Star Wars".



BMI Work #12118179

See Also


"Tuff Gum"
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