Rides 'n' Stuff
Rides n Stuff logo
Rides 'n' Stuff logo
Employee(s): 3 known
Distributional Information
Buildings: At least 1
Behind the Scenes
First Appearance:
"Ain't No Kiddie Ride"

"One side kids. We're replacing the old rides with brand new identical ones, with a special ephamsis on the "identical". See ya."
— Employee of "Rides 'n' Stuff.

Rides 'n' Stuff is a company in Danville. It replaced the old rides outside the mall with brand new identical ones. All that has been seen of them is two vans and three employees ("Ain't No Kiddie Ride").

Background information

Not much is currently known about this company other that it handles Kiddie Rides in Danville and that it replaces old rides with new ones that look alike.


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