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"Only imported rocket fuel"
Gender: Male
Nationality: Italian-nationality like Alien (by his accent)
Friends and Family
Behind the Scenes
First Appearance:
  "Out to Launch"
Voiced by:
Keith Ferguson

"Only imported rocket fuel."
— Ronaldo[source]

Ronaldo is a blue alien who frequents the Shooting Star Milkshake Bar to drink rocket fuel. He is seen with Ferb collecting some rocket fuel in his tea cup from a petrol pump.


He is rather posh as he holds his tea cup with his little finger out and that he speaks rather antiquated as well. He speaks with a presumably Italian accent. He is considered stubborn (He only drinks imported rocket fuel).

Physical Appearance

He is blue in color. He wears beige trousers, a belt, has three eyes, and a moustache.


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