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If you move, you make a squeaking sound
Song by Candace
Genre(s): Pop
Length: 0:23
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Phineas and Ferb - Rusted00:31

Phineas and Ferb - Rusted

"Rusted" is a song sung by Candace Flynn in the ending credits of "Wizard of Odd". It is a parody of the song Busted which was performed by Candace and Vanessa in "I Scream, You Scream".


Candace: I know what's wrong with you;
You're rusted!

Background singers: (Rusted!)

Candace: Don't you know that you've been oxidized?
Somebody left you in the rain too long,
and now you've been immobilized,
You're rusted!

Background singers: (Rusted!)

Candace: If you move, you make a squeaking sound, *Scweak* *Scweak* *Scweak*
That's right, you've got an orange patina
From above your neck down to the ground,
You're rusted!

Bear: Yes, yes I do.

Background Information

  • The song is referred to the Tin Man on the side of the sidewalk in the show. He is "Rusted" and has an "Orange patina" all over himself.


  • This song is to the tune of "Busted". The background and many of the poses used in that song are also used here.
  • The Rusted Tin-Man takes the positions that Vanessa has in "Busted."


  • The bear squatting behind the tree is a reference to the old saying, "Does a bear poop in the woods?" It also makes an allusion to the Charmin tiolet paper animated cartoons featuring a family of bears.
  • The rusted lumberjack is a reference or an exact duplicate of the Tin Man from the Wizard of Oz.


BMI Work #12298175

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