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Sassy Miss K
Sassy Miss K calling Bust'em
Sassy Miss K calling "Bust 'Em"
Gender: Female
Age: Probably 15 years old
Hometown: Danville
Professional Information
  Student (on vacation)
Friends and Family
Jeremy Johnson
Behind the Scenes
First Appearance:
Last Appearance:
  "Father's Day"
Voiced by:

Sassy Miss K is a girl that Jeremy Johnson nicknamed. Her real name, so far, is unknown, though it can be assumed that it starts with a 'K' ("The Baljeatles").

Background Information

  • Her flatness of the top of her hair style somewhat resembles Isabella's, though Sassy Miss K's is an orangeish color, and is pulled back into a ponytail.
  • She has appeared many times but has never talked.
  • She sometimes appears with blonde and brown hair.
  • Her face somewhat resembles Candace.
  • She is seen dancing behind Candace and Jeremy. She is later seen dancing behind Stacy and Coltrane. ("The Baljeatles")
  • She has appeared in relationship. ("Out to Launch", "Meatloaf Surprise")


The image gallery for Sassy Miss K may be viewed here.


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