Schnell Foto
Schnell Foto
Doofenshmirtz walking out with his photo
Native language:   English
Color(s): Bright yellow, Blue
Location Information
City: Danville
County: Jefferson County
Country: United States
Behind the Scenes
First Appearance:
"It's About Time!"

Schnell Foto is a store located in Danville. Heinz Doofenshmirtz got his picture taken at this store, which he said occurred on the happiest day of his life: the day he decided to get his picture taken ("It's About Time!"). This is also the day the he discovered he had a nemesis (Perry the Platypus). The framed photograph was damaged during a fight with a new nemesis, Peter the Panda ("It's About Time!"). This photo also serves as the reference photo that is usually shown on the monitor each time Agent P is being briefed (First seen in "Rollercoaster").


Spidey-Agent P flies past Schnell Foto.

Agent P swoops past Schnell Foto with his grappling hook ("Bowl-R-Ama Drama").

Doofenshmirtz Portrait

Heinz Doofenshmirtz in a portrait taken at Schnell Foto.

Zippy Pics

Tropical background image

In the background we can clearly see the same background as in the Doofenshmirtz portrait.

Another store in Danville that uses this background image is Zippy Pics, the place where Linda took her film to be developed ("I, Brobot"). The background image appears to be an example of stock photography, or may be an image common to different branches of the same company.

Background Information

  • "Schnell" is German for "fast".
    • That means the cameras here are fast and well, expensive.
  • A real-world example of a corporation that operates stores under different names is Ritz Camera Centers. Normally this is done on a regional basis, so if Schnell Foto and Zippy Pics are part of the same corporate chain, one is probably a recent acquisition that has not yet gone through the process of consolidating retail locations and brand names.


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