Secrets from OWCA: The Organization Without a Cool Acronym
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Writer(s): Scott Peterson
Penciller: Eric Jones
Inker: Mike DeCarlo
Colorist: Emily Kanalz
Letterer: Michael Stewart
Pages: 1
Issue: K-Zone (Philippines)/December 2011

Major Monogram reveals two traits needed by an agent and uses four O.W.C.A. agents as examples.


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Major Monogram: As an agent, I is of utmost importance that you can identify your enemies. But it is equally vital that you can spot your allies in the field as well. For example: the enigmatic Agent T, or the elusive Agent O. The hardworking Agent A and last but not least, Agent X. Carl, a xylophone, really?

Carl: We didn't have any animals that start with X, sir.

Major Monogram: *sigh* We pay you too much.


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Background Information

  • This comic was included in the December 2011 issue of the K-Zone magazine from the Philippines.


  • Carl is supposed to be an unpaid intern.