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"Sliding Down a Tube"
Love Händel sliding down the OWCA tube
Paul the Delivery Guy and Love Händel
Song by Love Händel
Released: April 20, 2012
Venue: All over Danville
Genre(s): Rock
Love Händel chronology
Previous: "We Wanna Eat"
Current: "Sliding Down a Tube"
Next: "Paul's Revelation Operetta"
Phineas and Ferb songs - The Ballads of Paul04:38

Phineas and Ferb songs - The Ballads of Paul

"Sliding Down a Tube" is one of the songs by Love Händel in the episode "Delivery of Destiny".


Sliding down a tube, yeah!
Sliding down a tube!
Sliding, sliding down a tube!


BMI Work: 15188900

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"We Wanna Eat"
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"Paul's Revelation Operetta"

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