"So Peanutty"
The peanut chicken
The chicken made out of peanuts
Song by Danny Jacob
Released: June 15, 2009
Length: 0:04
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So peanuty you will not even taste the chicken00:30

So peanuty you will not even taste the chicken

"So Peanutty" is an advertising jingle sung by a chorus, sounding similar to the Doofenshmirtz Evil Inc. Jingle chorus. It is from the episode "De Plane! De Plane!".


Baljeet: Our motto is, "So peanutty, you will not even taste the chicken!"
Chorus: So Peanutty, you won't even taste the chicken!

Background Information


BMI Work # 11051504

See also

"Evil Jingle" ("De Plane! De Plane!")
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