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Stinky limburger

Dr. Doofenshmirtz shows Perry the cheese before aging.

Stinky Limburger is a stinky cheese that Dr. Doofenshmirtz made in "Lights, Candace, Action!". According to Doofenshmirtz, the limburger is their family recipe.



Dr. Doofenshmirtz milking the cow for the cheese.

  • The cheese requires to be aged for 58 and a half years. In the episode, the cheese's resting age was accelerated with Doofenshmirtz's Age Accelerator-inator and became 58 and a half years old in an instant.
  • Despite the aroma, the cheese is very irresistible. Thus, once a piece of the cheese is eaten, the consumer will immediately eat the whole wheel of cheese.
Aged stinky limburger

The stinky limburger after Dr. Doofenshmirtz hits it with the Age-Accelerator-inator.

  • When the cheese is ready to be eaten, the pungent aroma can actually be seen to be rising from the cheese.
  • The cheese only made one appearance, in the episode "Lights, Candace, Action!".

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