Summer Soakers
Summer Soakers title screen
Main Menu for the game.
Released: 2015 or earlier
Genre(s): shooters/strategy

Summer Soakers is a game playable on the Disney XD mobile app, or directly online using your browser. The game is about shooting your opponent's health to zero, while keeping your teammates alive. The player can also defend to stop attacks from the opponents as well.


Use the mouse to dram and aim, and release to spray. After the first level, you can select up to 3 characters, the same amount will be used for the opponents. For example, if the player chose Buford, thus the CPU can play as one of the remaining five characters.

When going to build a fort, make sure you get all them items needed or the fort will explode. The fort will also explode if you click on Heinz Doofenshmirtz's circle as well.


  • Complete the Level
  • Don't lose any team members!
  • Hit a bonus item!



  • Slingshot - High in damage, but hard to aim.
  • Soaker - Medium damage, with the longest range.
  • Waterzooka - Low damage, but has a wide spray for attacking.


  • Trash can - Easy to collect, but offers the lowest protection.
  • Pool toys - Medium to collect and protect.
  • Lawn chair - Hard to collect, but offers the best protection.

Playable characters

Other characters



  • The music from Cowabunga Candace's main menu scree and results screen and when the game is being played is heard.
  • Baljeet's "aha!" line from "Tour de Ferb" is heard.
  • Isabella's "Oh. My. Gosh!" line is heard from "Canderemy".


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