The Bust Accord

Busting Accord

The Bust Accord is an agreement drawn up between Candace and Linda as to when Candace is able to bust her brothers, Phineas and Ferb. The Bust Accord was first seen in "When Worlds Collide".

The Bust Accord

Contract entered into on this day, May 6th the two parties known in this contract as Mom and Candace do hereby agree to the terms set forth below:
I, Candace Flynn, do agree that I will not attempt to bust my brothers Phineas and Ferb:
1) During the school year in the time allotted to do my homework.
2) At the dinner table.
3) While operating a vehicle or any other heavy machinery.
4) While holding or otherwise in possession of a wild or domesticated animal.
5) While in the middle of an unrelated sentence.
6) From a distance of more than 1500 miles.
7) On the subway.
8) While covered in hair and honey.
9) While pie is being served.
10) While Mom is at the beauty salon.
11) during a date with Jeremy.
12) More than once a day.

x Candace Flynn


  • Ironically, even though Candace can't bust Phineas and Ferb more than once, she does bust them more than once in "A Real Boy". She also does more than one attempt often ("The Fast and the Phineas" to name one).
  • Some of the rules other than the last one listed have also been violated, such as "While operating a vehicle or any other heavy machinery" ("The Secret of Success"), "While Mom is at the beauty salon" ("The Magnificent Few", "Great Balls Of Water"), and "During a date with Jeremy" ("A Real Boy").
  • The rule that Candace can't bust while covered in hair and honey is a reference to Bad Hair Day, where Dr. Doofenshmirtz is covered in honey and hair.
  • The first eight amendments and the twelfth amendment were written by Robert F. Hughes, while 9-11 were filled out by the prop guy.[1]


  • Linda says the contract was written "two weeks ago", but it clearly says "May 6th", which is way before summer.