The Essential Lindana: Still Fun...
Album by Lindana
Released: Summer, 2000s
Recorded: 1980's
Genre(s): Pop
Label: Huge-O-Records
Length: Unknown
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Current: The Essential Lindana: Still Fun...
I'm Lindana and I Wanna Have Fun!

The Essential Lindana: Still Fun... is a re-release of Linda Flynn's one hit-wonder song I'm Lindana and I Wanna Have Fun!. It was remixed and re-translated to Portuguese, Dutch, Canadian, Japanese, Esperanto, Pig Latin, and Dog, among others for the re-release. ("Flop Starz")


  1. Portuguese
  2. Spanish
  3. Italian
  4. Dutch
  5. French
  6. Scottish
  7. Canadian
  8. German
  9. Navajo
  10. Japanese
  11. Latin
  12. Greek
  13. Esperanto
  14. Swedish
  15. Russian
  16. Pig Latin
  17. Tagalog (spelled as Tag Log)
  18. Samoan
  19. Dog
  20. Korean
  21. Taiwanese
  22. Swahili
  23. Bulgarian
  24. Irish
  25. Icelandic
  26. Australian
  27. Aborigine
  28. Yiddish
  29. One more (Said to be everyone's favourite)

Background Information

  • A language "Tag Log" was included. However, the spelling is obviously wrong. It should be "Tagalog", the official language of the Philippines.