This article is about the game. You may be looking for The Fast and the Phineas or the Season 1 DVD.
The Fast and the Phineas game title screen

The Fast and the Phineas is an online game currently available at the Disney Channel UK and Germany websites. It is a racing game based on the episode of the same name, where Phineas and Ferb convert their mother's car to be run by remote control.

Players may play as either Phineas or Ferb, with a two-player option. Each car can be customized with tires, chasis type, engine, color, decals and the name of their car. The selections determine the speed and handling of the remotely-controlled car. Once finalized, an option appears for downloading a PDF for their car.

The race is presented from an overhead view and lasts for three laps. The keyboard is used to control the car for one player or for both players. A turbo boost can be activated once per lap.

At the end of the race, players may submit their lap times and see which people worldwide have the fastest times.


  • The race does not end until the player crosses the finish line at the end of their third lap, even if they lose the race.
  • Each time a new race is started, a new car must be customized.
  • The boost needs to be full to use it.


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