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The Guru
Gender: Male
Age: Adult
Professional Information
Friends and Family
Isabella and the Fireside Girls
Behind the Scenes
First Appearance:
  "Isabella and the Temple of Sap"
Last Appearance:
  "Isabella and the Temple of Sap"
Voiced by:
Judd Nelson

The Guru is a hippie who seems to live (or at least spend time) on a mountain. He loves maraca-nut trees because he cried when he said that the trees were cut down to make Stiff Beauty Hair Spray. He owns a van that the "Key of Wisdom" goes to. He gives this key to Isabella and the Fireside Girls to help them reach the last maraca-nut tree. He is only shown for a small amount of time.


The Guru wears a white, floor-length robe and goes barefoot. He has a large hat and sunglasses. He also has long, black hair with a mustache and beard.


The Guru can play an instrument that looks like an Aussie Digeridoo. He also can disappear in a cloud of smoke and appear several feet away afterwards. Most likely this is a magic trick. It is unknown how far away he can appear.



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