The Klimpaloon and the Giant Floating Baby Head Hour is one of the programs from "Ferb TV"


The Klimpaloon and Giant floating baby head Hour is a program with special guests: Dave, Jim and the Tri-State weensy jugglers, Dexter Thompson with his chocolate harmonica, the musical band of Bicentennial Crab and (featuring) 6 of 8 original Klimpaloon and Giant floating baby head dancers. The purple curtains then open to reveal a giant cake, which then opens to reveal the Klimpaloon and Giant floating baby head.

The Klimpaloon and Giant floating baby head Hour shows guests Dave and Jim having a random conversation, while the Tri-State weensy jugglers juggle over them.

Special guest Dave has been knocked out and everyone else on stage is looking down at him, concerned, later special guest Dexter Thompson is playing on his chocolate harmonica, then eats it. After that, the musical band, Bicentennial Crab, play their number as Klimpaloon and Giant floating baby head dance, enjoying the music.


  • The Klimpaloon
  • The Giant Floating Baby Head
  • Guests

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