The Platypus and His Girlfriend
The platy and his girl
Format: Crime/Action Series
Created by: Jeff McGarland
Writer(s): Jeff McGarland Possibly.
Starring: Perry the Platypus as The Platypus

Francis Monogram as R.I.C.K.

First aired: Pilot. Possibly called "Ham on Rye, Hold the Mayor".

The Platypus and His Girlfriend is a T.V. show made by Jeff McGarland, that is based on a pitch by Dr. Heinz Doofenshmirtz ("Nerds of a Feather") starring Perry the Platypus and an actress as undercover crime fighters.

Production History

Heinz Doofenshmirtz created a storyboard for the pilot episode of Doof 'n' Puss and pitched it to Jeff McGarland at the science fiction and fantasy convention. He had to tie Jeff and Perry the Platypus up so they would listen to his proposal. Though McGarland was very impressed by the pitch and was willing to have it produced, he suggested adding a girlfriend for Perry's character, but Doofenshmirtz then got mad at this and left. McGarland later made the show replacing Dr. Doofenshmirtz with the platypus' girlfriend and The Platypus and His Girlfriend was born.


The pilot episode had at least one scene the same as Dr. Doofenshmirtz's pilot for Doof 'n' Puss; the scene in which Perry gets cut in half while he and his girlfriend are auditioning for the mayor's ball. This could mean that the pilot also kept Heinz's original name for the pilot, "Ham on Rye, Hold the Mayor". If the story is the same then it would go as follows:

The platypus and his girlfriend are eating breakfast when R.I.C.K. tells them he has noticed some out of character behavior from the Mayor recently. He shows them a couple of news reports. In the first one the Mayor waves from side to side. In the second one his hand goes up, and he transforms into a wolf with fiery red eyes and runs howling off into the misty night. The Platypus and his Girlfriend buy magician disguises and try to get closer to the Mayor, but the Mayor's assistant hands him a photo of them buying their costumes. The Mayor immediately sets ninja vampires on them and lots of things explode, before the Platypus and his Girlfriend get tied up. They then get thrown in a storage room with the real Mayor and the Platypus frees them with scissors. They then attack the fake Mayor and he turns into a giant monster.

The rest of the episode is unknown because Jeff stopped Heinz during his pitch.

Background Information

  • Dan Povenmire said in an interview that The Platypus and His Girlfriend was a response to requests of Perry getting a girlfriend.


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