Tjinder family
The family
Membership Information
Notable members:
Baljeet Tjinder
Baljeet's father
Organizational Information
Type of organization:
Tjinder house
Behind the Scenes
First appearance:
"Raging Bully" (Baljeet)
"Unfair Science Fair" (the family)
"Tour de Ferb" (some members)
"It's No Picnic" (some members)
"Picture This" (Uncle Maulik)

The Tjinder family is a very old and smart Indian family, that spans from the Himalaya mountains to the Kashmir valleys. ("Unfair Science Fair") Some family members currently live in the United States.


Baljeet's forefathers - panoramic

The family was founded in the large Indian area that lies between the Himalaya mountains and the valleys of Kashmir.

Family members

Background Information

  • In the portrait, forefathers is misspelled "FOREFTATHERS" on the frame of the picture.
  • One of the report cards shown in the portrait uses an older/obsolete spelling of prize ("prise"). The modern definition of prise is to force something open.

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