Tom Totally
They're mocking me!
The anger of an executive
Gender: Male
Height: Same as Ferb
Nationality: American
Hometown: Most likely Danville
Professional Information
  Totally Tools
Friends and Family
Pets: Possibly Sergei the Snail
Behind the Scenes
First Appearance:
  "Perry The Actorpus"
Last Appearance:
  "Perry The Actorpus"
Voiced by:
Diedrich Bader

"They're mocking me!"
— Tom Totally[source]

Tom Totally is the CEO of the Totally Tools company in Danville. Although he appreciates good advertising, he is very sensitive about his mustache.

Personal life

Tom Totally presumably spends most of his time in the office, as he was not seen until near the end of "Perry The Actorpus". When he saw the Perry the Platypus ad campaign and how much it was helping the business, he was glad to give the campaign managers the rest of the day off. A short while later, the entire campaign was defaced by some miscreant with a Mustache-inator, and Mister Totally saw it as a personal mockery. He ordered all the ads torn down, and had them replaced with near-identical ads showcasing Sergei the Snail.

Physical appearance

Tom Totally is about the same height as Ferb. He is completely bald, with black bushy eyebrows and a ridiculously large black mustache. His suit, shirt and shoes are all varying shades of brown, nicely accented by a small red tie.

Personality and traits

Tom Totally appears to be temperamental and easily provoked. When the entire Perry the Platypus ad campaign was defaced by the addition of big, bushy mustaches identical to his own, Mr. Totally ranted at his executive and ordered all the ads torn down "totally!" This may also mean that he is very sensitive about his mustache.


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