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"Tree Related Wish"
Candace flirting with Jeremy in a tree costume
Candace flirts with Jeremy.
Song by Jeremy-Tree and Candace
Genre(s): Pop
Length: 0:43
Jeremy and Candace chronology
Previous: "Where Did We Go Wrong?" (Jeremy)
"Summer Belongs to You!" (Candace)
Current: "Tree Related Wish"
Next: "Do Nothing Day" (Jeremy)
"Rusted" (Candace)
Phineas and Ferb - Tree Related Wish00:46

Phineas and Ferb - Tree Related Wish

"Tree Related Wish" is a song from Wizard of Odd which is sung by Jeremy-Tree when he explains his wish.


Jeremy: Would you take a good look at me,
I stand before you as a tree
And you ask me what my wish would be.
Baljeet: How come he gets to si-
Candace: Shh!
Jeremy: It's probably related to me being a tree.

Jeremy: It's my tree related wish.

Candace and others: (tree-related wish)
Jeremy: It's my tree-related wish.
Possums: Tree-related wish
Jeremy: It's my tree-related wish
Bear: Tree-related wish
Jeremy: I'll tell you what it is when we get to Bust-opolis.


  • The bear squatting behind the tree is a reference to the Charmin-brand toilet paper commercials.
  • This song has a similar background music to "He'll Do Anything But Go Away".


BMI Work #12298148

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