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Trees are Made of Wood

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"Trees are Made of Wood"
Actual Trees are Made of Wood
Slamm Hammer performing
Song by Slamm Hammer
Genre(s): Hardcore Punk
Length: 0:11
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Phineas and Ferb - Trees are Made of Wood

"Trees are Made of Wood" is a song performed by Slamm Hammer and his band during the Tri-State Music Awards in the episode "The Klimpaloon Ultimatum". The song was nominated for a Fact Based Song Award, however it lost the contest in favor of The Ballad of Klimpaloon.


Wow! Trees are made of wood!

Background information


  • This song should have been disqualified as well, since trees are not made of wood...trees are wood.


BMI Work #18222311

"Punky Momo"
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