Unnamed P&F Lemonade Fan
The guy going crazy over the lemonade.
Gender: Male
Friends and Family
Behind the Scenes
First Appearance:
  "The Lemonade Stand"
Last Appearance:
  "The Lemonade Stand"

"They have a lemonade stand at the bookstore, the gift shop, the mall. It's even being served on my favorite airline! YEAH! OH, YEAH! LEMONADE! IN YOUR FACE, ORANGE JUICE! BOO-YAH! THAT'S RIGHT, BOO! YAH! LEMONADE!"
— The man after reading a P&F Lemonade flyer.

A customer of P&F Lemonade who apparently really liked it. Upon learning that P&F Lemonade was building additional lemonade stand franchises, he ripped his shirt to reveal a chest tattoo of the P&F lemonade corporation and put on a lemon-shaped hat, while insulting orange juice and praising lemonade. In response to this, P&F Lemonade's Phineas Flynn commented to Ferb Fletcher that they shouldn't sell the man any more of their lemonade ("The Lemonade Stand").

Physical Apearance

He wears brown pants, black and gray shoes, and a lemon hat on his head. He also has a tattoo of the logo on his chest.


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