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Unnamed hotel manager
Hotel Manager
Gender: Male
Height: About the same height as Lawrence
Hometown: Hawaii
Professional Information
  Hotel Manager
Friends and Family
Behind the Scenes
First Appearance:
  "Phineas and Ferb Hawaiian Vacation"
Voiced by:
Phill Lewis

"Hold it right there, young lady! I'm the manager of this hotel, and if there's going to be any busting to do, I'm going to do it."
— the unnamed hotel manager[source]

The unnamed hotel manager is the manager of the hotel that the Flynn-Fletcher family stay at during their Hawaiian vacation. ("Phineas and Ferb Hawaiian Vacation")

Physical Appearance

He wears a white suit, with a light blue collared shirt underneath, a flower on his right lapel, and dress shoes.

Personality and Traits

He seems to be a generally easygoing person, but he takes his job very seriously. He became very flustered and stressed when trying to "bust" Phineas and Ferb for their life-sized A-Primes.



Background Information

  • The fact that the character is a hotel manager may reference Phill Lewis' character Marion Mosbey, who is a hotel manager on The Suite Life of Zack & Cody.

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