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Season 2 Cliptastic (Sorta)!

Okay, i think we should vote for our 10 favorite season 2 songs for another "Cliptastic"! I really won't MAKE this, because i can't, but I'll post a blog of the winners with their videos!

Current Standings:

  • Mission
  • I'll Save You
  • My Wettest Friend
  • AGLET-6
  • Flawless Girl-1
  • When Will He Call Me-1
  • Squirt That Gelatin Monster
  • Elementary-2
  • Watching and Waiting-6
  • Evil Love-5
  • Mother Nature Won
  • Let's Go Digital-3
  • My Ride From Outer Space-2
  • Banga-Ru
  • Couldn't Kick My Way Right Into Her Heart
  • Peanut Chicken Jingle-2
  • Paper Pelican Floor Show-3
  • Let's take a Quiz-1
  • Phintastic Ferbulous Car Wash-3
  • Come Home Perry-7
  • CARL!-1
  • When You're Small-2
  • Boat of Romance-1
  • Somebody Gimme a Grade-4
  • I'm Me-6
  • With My XRay Eyes-2
  • Spa Day-5
  • It's a Charmed Life-1
  • My Name is Doof-7
  • Yodel Obey Me-1
  • Fireside Girls Song-2
  • Mix and Mingle-2
  • Go Candace-1
  • He'll Do Anything for Me-1
  • Not so bad a Dad After All-4
  • Mexican Jewish Cultural Festival-1
  • There is No Candy in Me-7
  • Let's All Dance Til We're Sick Theme
  • What Do it Do?-5
  • Atlantis-2
  • Winter Vacation
  • I Really Don't Hate Christmas-5
  • That Christmas Feeling-4
  • Where Did We Go Wrong-6
  • Danville for Niceness-3
  • Thank You Santa
  • Christmas is Starting Now-4

The top 10 so far are:

Tie for 1st with 7 each: My Name is Doof, There is No Candy in Me, Come Home Perry

Tie for 2nd with 6 each: AGLET, I'm Me, Where Did We Go Wrong

Tie for 3rd with 5 each: Spa Day, What Do it Do?, I Really Don't Hate Christmas, Evil Love

Vote on a comment. The deadline is Ferb-uary 1st, 2010, so voting is now closed

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