I found some weird pictures in my "Trash" on my computer today (10 minutes ago, approximately) and found out that they are "Character Doodles". Some have Mickey Mouse, some Phineas and Ferb, some other shows. The main thing I notice were the names. They included...character_doodles_1phf_ferbdrum.png, (same as above, but replace "ferbdrum" with "ferbrockon", "perryboombox", "phineasegyptian", and many more.) I'm going to add pictures to this as soon as I can.

  • Thumbs up by Phineas. He kinda looks like a celebrity.
  • Phineas is playing an electric guitar!
  • Don't know why his hands look like... THAT.
  • "Skull and Crossbones"? How about "Phineas and Cross-Guitars"?
  • "Hey, look! A flying evil scientist!"
  • Perry's face is slanted.
  • Listening to headphones, just like me!!!
  • I guess Perry and Phineas play guitars, don't they?
  • He plays guitar, drums, he's a secret agent, a "mindless pet", and he dances and listens to music? That's a busy life.
  • That dancing pic I was talking about.
  • He's on top of a boombox, and he looks a lot younger than usual. Plus, his duckbill kinda looks like that of one of the "Penguins of Madagascar".
  • Rock on! Hey, he's saying something.
  • Kind of like the "Phineascrossedguitars" one. But with Ferb and drumsticks. And a drum.

I'm Wakko and my brother Yakko is a "super genius". 15:40, August 21, 2010 (UTC)

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