Recently, I looked up some Editcounts, expecting to find myself with a blog comment percentage of 50% or more. I also looked at some who I thought might have the high ratio. Surprisingly, I was at 42.71% on this wiki, and my percentage went down on all wikis to 40.15%! I found RRabbit's at 1.31% (That's out of 12,000+ edits on this wiki). Flash was at 2.2%. I found 6 people (out of about 12-15) with 50% or higher blog comment percentage. Those are Daisy, Ferbluver, Ferblover, Team Doof, TheRogue (I was surprised his/hers wasn't at 100% after like 245 comments on the movie idea one), and Phineasxxx. Kittyfire had something around 42% or 43%, which I was surprised by how low it was. MLB Power Pros 2008 15:00, May 8, 2010 (UTC)

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