If this is an incongruous blog entry, please feel free to remove it immediately. My last wish is to infringe upon any guidelines.

Now, I'm willing to risk a gullible appearance here - if only for the sake of a potential AT2D advert.

My cousin, eight years of age, and I will occasionally watch Phineas and Ferb together. She's plenty knowledgeable of how largely I'm anticipating the movie... Ha. Recently today, she mentioned an AT2D promotion she had seen yesterday (April 30). Whether it was on Disney Channel or Disney XD is ambiguous, as she "couldn't remember."

In her own (slightly altered for better understanding) words:

"These really mean looking robots were battling our Phineas and Ferb. Evil versions of everyone were on the opposite side, including Alt. Phineas and Alt. Ferb. They were wearing black and their hair was short. Doofenshmirtz - the one with the eyepatch - was leading them all to kill (or just hurt) our Phineas and Ferb."

In an attempt to gather more information, I asked her if any dialouge was occuring. She proceeded to relay that a song was being played in the background.

"Which song?"

"It was something like, 'This is a robot riot, that's what I mean, I'm gonna make you into scrap metal and take you to the shop downtown.' And after that, they showed Isabella being pushed by a robot. She fell onto Phineas, and he caught her in his arms."

The lyrical content she described is oddly akin to that of the chorus/bridge.

thumb|300px|rightI haven't played this song for her, nor does she possess access to a website as YouTube. Thus, there would be no legitimate method of her hearing the song other than an advertisement.

I do genuinely believe her.

Has anyone noticed this floating around on Disney Channel or Disney XD? I would love to watch it.

Thank you for your time! Hope this finds you happy, healthy, and well.

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