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March 16, 2011
  • Asd45

    Like this. If you like to share you favorite fanart made by you or a friend of yours, post some :D. This fanart I posted copyright belongs to the one who made this. I if you wish to continued in User blog:Asd45/weirdest, funnest and coolest pictures of Phineas and Ferb fanart

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  • Asd45

    Well we're all know the Spin-off to Phineas and Ferb is about the Firesid Girls.Well what I gott'e say about this is idea is not the best idea beause the fireside girls already play a big role on most episodes on show.We see them helping Phineas and Ferb with they big plans.I got resons why its a bad idea becuse a spin-off about the fireside girls would need new characthers and some Cameo chacthers from the show that its spin -off and its got be different from Phineas and ferb. I also think the Firesisde Girls was not the best choice for a spin-off,I would like to see Baljeet got a spin-off where he and his family moves away from Danville and go to a new town.Where he meets new and old friends.But a spin-Off its not the best way ot go,But …

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  • Asd45

    Who think Dan can make a another show thats does not had to do with Phineas and Ferb.You know show with different characters, different places and different stoiers.

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  • Asd45

    Favorite charcters

    1. Heinz Doofenshmirtz, because I like bad guy and hes funny at times.

    2. Perry the Platypus, I like good guys too and he has a cool hat.

    3. Ferb Fletcher, action speaks louder than words.

    4. Django Brown. He cool look boy,I like the way Dan drawn him. Too bad He donesn't had a big role on the show most of the time.

    Least Favorite Characters

    1. Isabella García-Shapiro, I find her annoying at times wtih her "Whatcha doin'?". Am sorry Isabella fans,I need konw you like her bacuse of you think she cute and how cute that she has a crush on Phineas.

    2. Bob Webber. Same reseaon as Isabella.

    3. Buford Van Stomm. I don't hate, But I wish he was secondary antagonist on the show, You know the bad guy thats goes a after show's main characters. We…

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