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Favorite charcters

1. Heinz Doofenshmirtz, because I like bad guy and hes funny at times.

2. Perry the Platypus, I like good guys too and he has a cool hat.

3. Ferb Fletcher, action speaks louder than words.

4. Django Brown. He cool look boy,I like the way Dan drawn him. Too bad He donesn't had a big role on the show most of the time.

Least Favorite Characters

1. Isabella García-Shapiro, I find her annoying at times wtih her "Whatcha doin'?". Am sorry Isabella fans,I need konw you like her bacuse of you think she cute and how cute that she has a crush on Phineas.

2. Bob Webber. Same reseaon as Isabella.

3. Buford Van Stomm. I don't hate, But I wish he was secondary antagonist on the show, You know the bad guy thats goes a after show's main characters. Well hes a bully, We knew that, they do most.But we seen Buford pick on Baljeet almost the time and often name called Phineas. Another thing who let a bully hang out with

4. Fred, Sometime I like think of some random person walk up to Fred and tell to shut up,When hes talks. Now its your turn to tell me who are your favorite and least Favorite characters on PandF.I would like to hears why you like thats character.

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